Sharp Edge Tester Model SET-50TM and Tape Cap Kit Model TC-3 TM

A hand-held tester with tape cap used to determine if an edge is sharp enough to cause a cut-type injury.

Complies with Underwriters Laboratories Standard 1439  –  Standard for Tests for Sharpness of Edges on Equipment.

Sharp Edge Tester Model SET-50TM  

  • Hand-held tool designed and developed to provide an objective means for judging the sharpness on an edge.  
  • The purpose of the tool is to test sharp edges on manufacturers’ products in order to prevent personal injury.
  • The tool is light weight and easy to use for continuous testing with a simple PASS/FAIL result.  Tool calibrated to U.L. specifications.
  • The clam-shell housing is designed to fit into the palm of your hand and a pressure head at the end of a rod simulates a finger.   It is made of injection-molded plastic parts, ball bearings, steel-plated rod & head, and spring.

Tape Cap Kit Model TC-3 TM 

  • The Tape Cap Kit Model TC-3TM contains 44 handmade tape caps in a box.  The tape simulates the layers of skin on a finger. Each tape cap is designed to test for sharp edges and contains 3 preassembled tapes and a center guideline on a plastic cap.
  • The tape cap slips on the pressure head of the tool for easy testing.  When a test is performed on the manufacturing line, and each time an edge cuts the tape, the tape cap can be quickly identified, removed, and replaced within seconds.  This enables more tests in less time to facilitate inspection reports.  

How does the Sharp Edge Tester  SET-50  & Tape Cap TC-3  work?

  • The Sharp Edge Tester Model SET-50™ is positioned on the edge to be checked for sharpness.  While maintaining the arm between the stops, immediately move the pressure head 2 inches along the edge and then back to its starting position without removing the tester from the edge.  Then withdraw the tester from the edge.
  • The tape cap is then examined to determine whether or not penetration has occurred through the 2 outer layers of the sensing tape.  If penetration has occurred, the bottom layer of the tape will be visible through the resulting cut.  If this occurs, it means the sharp edge has failed the test and could possibly cause personal injury.
  • The damaged tape cap and the part it was testing should be sent to the manufacturer (if the manufacturer was not testing it) so  they can verify the part was too sharp, make modifications to the part and re-test.

Types of Applications:

Used worldwide by manufacturers of appliances; consumer electronics; telecommunications devices; computer peripherals; business equipment; medical diagnostic equipment; industrial supplies; sheet metal; fabricated metals; automotive, aviation and marine equipment; safety equipment; furniture; toys; juvenile products and many other industries.

Tester Warranty:

The tester has a one (1) year warranty against material defects from Date of Purchase.  Tester is factory sealed.  Tampering voids warranty.

Country of Origin & Manufacture:  USA.

Manufactured for worldwide distribution by:   

Technical Engineering Service Corporation (TESC).  In 1973 TESC engineered, designed and manufactured the original Model SET-50TM  Sharp Edge Tester specifically for Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) and meets their requirements to test according to the U.L. 1439 “Standard for Determination of Sharpness of Edges”.



Copyright 2014.  Technical Engineering Service Corporation (TESC).  All rights reserved.  No part of this document may be duplicated without the express written permission of TESC.  The Sharp Edge Tester SET-50™ and Tape Cap Kit TC–3™ are trademarks of Technical Engineering Service Corporation.

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